Self doubt and testing, trying to see things I’ve not seen before, but it’s a comic so my options are limited and I’ve– yeah, I’ve seen that kinda thing before. That’s why it has to go. Here are the different iterations I toyed with before the finalised version that I’ll share soon.

  • Original/ Very early drafts. Very late 2018 made weeks prior to a considered written pitch, the text lifted from german propaganda. Grubby and shite.
  • Initial pitch pages Spring 2019 After gaining the support and encouragement re: My pitch from Sarah the agent. I found inspiration in Chris Wares monograph and as always, R.B Kitaj. I deduced it was too clean of an end product, too cinematic too somehow. (sorry about the blank panel but my mind went blank.
  • Amended pitch pages. Re-embracing the primitive and formal aspects of Tumult and my work prior, I went by way of perhaps Olivier Schrauwen (I’ve spelt that wrong.) and especially Yvain Alain Alagbe. Drawn from different pages in the same sequence as above.

So long, comfortable freelance gig.

This month I’m wrapping up on one of the least stressful drawing gigs I’ve had, period. Also boasting that I’ve had the highest page rate too, nearly double than that of an internationally stocked graphic novel. What also is important is that the project is independently financed. Go Raptors! I say this as it’s about the Raptors.

Black Sex In The Archive.

Had the pleasure of producing illustrations for Pleasure Principles, a platform for ”┬átracking formations of desire and connection through archives, activism, community and culture.” Monique Todd, the project manager hit me up and I adapted some archival photos for a black sex map of London.

Idiot 101

Alright, so the Sidewinder thing started perhaps 4, 5 years ago in the form of a archival photograph. Found on tumblr, stored on Evernote for 4/5 years and dumped onto my desktop with the rest of the good shit in 2018. Labelled as a 1917 US experimental camouflage suit, the image was freaky and absurd. I left it at that. Recently I thought to pinpoint what I should do with my ideas, perhaps an Eightball type thing! Of course. So I took the suit, loosely attached it to world war 1, and conjured some bullshit idea, conjured some up more and here we are. Months later I made the realisations most children make at about 8 and realised that just because a photo is in black and white doesn’t mean reality was. The zebra-klan getup is actually composed of multiple colours as were the Razzle Dazzle battleships that the suit was based around. The act of sitting on something…