Jelly Roll spoke of such places…

Preamble?: Hello, I’m Michael. This is a new thing I’m doing, a new platform for things. I’m letting instagram die down a little as the last body of work (presuming that’s where you’ve migrated from) has ended. I’m referring to the cartoon portraits; 10 of which were published in the newspaper Bolbein, the other 30-odd will be published in time I hope. It’s okay though, I want everyone that wants to own them to have the opportunity to own them in some way. At the time of writing; the whole month of may, you can grab one of the 30 copies from Island Social Club in Shoreditch. A great Caribbean place, ran by great Caribbean people. However the point is less posin’ on the ‘gram and more time posturing on here.

Initially creating a WordPress at 18/19 and attempting to gather some traction for my ideas and drawings, the format I had looked to was Glynn Dillon’s joint, for the Nao of Brown. Still intimidating and hot and after 7 years, a recommended compass for the sorry bunch that write and draw and can’t decide the preference on either. In the space of this 7 years I met Glynn briefly at a signing for his book at the Lakes festival in Kendal, I clammed up. The same day I managed to get a signed bookplate from Emma Hayley, Publisher of Glynn’s book at SelfmadeHero’s table. She’d later be my publisher on Tumult. (Apologies, The Guardian review being my only universal flex.) In these same 7 years, I’d worked on comics projects small and large, worked with personalities small and large and had made decisions and have had decisions made for me small and large. Once again I’ve created this WordPress account.

The primary output will be the development of a GN named Sidewinder, it’s a satire-thriller-postmodern-hoodoo thing based in Harlem during it’s early “renaissance”. As it’s a fairly tired corner of black history, I’ll blow my writerly horn and tell you I’m approaching it as a medieval flemish artist would if he were painting the holy land without having actually visited. I’m repped by Sarah Such, Whose interest and support whether it’s a complimentary clause in a email, makes me feel very fortunate and it makes this solitary task feel real with solidarity.

The secondary output will be shorter comics, publishing efforts and essays which might come out more frequently than I first thought. Theres a lot I don’t show to the world and after looking at things months later, I can identify my intent, and package it thusly. I don’t think it’ll be too scientific, Hopefully you’ll occasionally laugh.

If you like or dislike my rambles and my processes please get in touch and comment about it. Would love to know If I actually talk like this in person.

I’ve never written a blog before.

Above is a test page produced march 2019, It is a newspaper cartoon made by the protagonist, dubbed Sidewinder Sundays. The second cartoon being Shoni and the snake, featuring Abe Lincoln…

Trivia: I recently discovered that Sidewinder is the nickname of Lee Morgan, Hard Bop trumpeter, a tragic life and death that’s worth a read and discography thats worth a listen. I remember Clifford is a recording that was a cryer before I learned he was shot by his scorned common-law wife.


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