Idiot 101

Alright, so the Sidewinder thing started perhaps 4, 5 years ago in the form of a archival photograph. Found on tumblr, stored on Evernote for 4/5 years and dumped onto my desktop with the rest of the good shit in 2018. Labelled as a 1917 US experimental camouflage suit, the image was freaky and absurd. I left it at that. Recently I thought to pinpoint what I should do with my ideas, perhaps an Eightball type thing! Of course. So I took the suit, loosely attached it to world war 1, and conjured some bullshit idea, conjured some up more and here we are. Months later I made the realisations most children make at about 8 and realised that just because a photo is in black and white doesn’t mean reality was. The zebra-klan getup is actually composed of multiple colours as were the Razzle Dazzle battleships that the suit was based around. The act of sitting on something…

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