Self doubt and testing, trying to see things I’ve not seen before, but it’s a comic so my options are limited and I’ve– yeah, I’ve seen that kinda thing before. That’s why it has to go. Here are the different iterations I toyed with before the finalised version that I’ll share soon.

  • Original/ Very early drafts. Very late 2018 made weeks prior to a considered written pitch, the text lifted from german propaganda. Grubby and shite.
  • Initial pitch pages Spring 2019 After gaining the support and encouragement re: My pitch from Sarah the agent. I found inspiration in Chris Wares monograph and as always, R.B Kitaj. I deduced it was too clean of an end product, too cinematic too somehow. (sorry about the blank panel but my mind went blank.
  • Amended pitch pages. Re-embracing the primitive and formal aspects of Tumult and my work prior, I went by way of perhaps Olivier Schrauwen (I’ve spelt that wrong.) and especially Yvain Alain Alagbe. Drawn from different pages in the same sequence as above.

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