A Cartoonist, Michael Kennedy makes fiction about modern history and futures. Focusing on the cultures of race; visually and linguistically, systemic and barbaric. He supposes some might say its ‘satire’ as Ishmael Reed once said, satire is an inexpensive way for minorities to protest.

He illustrated the psychological thriller Tumult, written by John Harris Dunning. The Guardian said: “it looks fantastic, its frames drawn in a combination of hallucinatory colour and noir-ish inkiness that is strongly suggestive of a nervous breakdown.” The New York Times said: “The drawings look clumsy, even downright ugly, though perhaps deliberately so; at one point someone’s beard goes green. But Kennedy’s style is crudely efficient, matching a twisty neo-noir plot that hurtles forward with satisfying velocity.”

He’s made some comics in the art-comics scene, mostly for the Comics workbook composition competition in 2015 and 2016. He got his BA in Film & Animation from the school of Visual Communication in Birmingham UK.

You can email him at info.eternodolore@gmail.com

This blog will mainly chart the development of his graphic novel title Sidewinder, the artwork and writings are under his copyright.

He is represented in literary dealings by Sarah Such.